About us
Adsfunnels is a full-service e-commerce agency
About us
Adsfunnels is a full-service
e-commerce agency
We help ecommerce brands maximise their on-site conversion rates, customer retention and average order value from their ad investments.
Our client journey goes from an audit of web analytics to identify potential frictions, conversion rate optimization, implementation of a sophisticated advertising funnel strategy and execution of ad campaigns that drive high-intent traffic to your ecommerce store.
Adsfunnels provides all elements in the client journey including monitoring and optimization to ensure sales targets and return on ad spend is reached. We work with clients across many different industries that have one thing in common, the pursuit for best possible ROI on their ecommerce advertising investment.
Our team
Thomas Amundsen
Anders Borge
Fredrik Ingebrigtsen
Project Manager
Stephanie Fisher
Ad Consultant
Phil Kiel
Ad Consultant
Arham Khan
Ad Consultant
Natalia Mojzych
Designer – Alkemist.no
Isak Gundrosen
Designer – Alkemist.no
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